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Edition 29 + 12 page wall calendar (printed)

The winter wonderland photography that welcomes you to edition 29 is by Maria Mirage.


Inside we have articles on Stonehenge, the medicine wheel, and the sacred fires of Brighid. Annwyn Avalon unravels the mysteries of sacred wells and Steve Andrews writes about the magical transformation of the butterfly. There is a feature on the uplifting power of plants and Lucya Starza shares some witchy ideas for crafting throughout the wheel of the year.


Rachel Patterson writes about the mythology behind dragons and Irisanya Moon talks about gaia, also sharing ideas on how we can help to contribute making positive changes in the world.


There is an exclusive interview with Fae As Folk, who will be performing at the next Faerie Festival in Sussex and a feature on ‘From The Goddess’, the new docuseries by Laura Hirch.


Plus book features, interviews, beautiful artwork and stunning photography.


All lovingly prepared for your mystical enjoyment. 


Order includes a complimentary 12 page wall calendar, printed in full colour.

Edition 29 + 12 page wall calendar (printed)

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