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Edition 25 - PDF

Inside the pages of this big bumper edition we have articles on the lady of the lake, Greek myth’s and how they are still prevalent in our everyday life (whether we know it, or not!), and folk tales of the British blackbird.

Daniel Mirante talks about the world of visionary art and Margaret Ann Lembo talks about animal totems and the gemstone kingdom. Lunaesque share lots of their new photography, including a stunning Viking shoot which has an article about the Seidr by Annwyn Avalon.

E. Massey talks about living the magical life, and Ellen Hopman talks about the traditional herbs of the Liaig. There are three interviews with bands who will be playing at Faerie Festival 2019, and Linda Ravenscroft talks about her new shop ‘The Mystic Garden’ which opened a year ago in Glastonbury, UK.
We also have several articles by Moon Books authors on poppets, sun magic, and shamanic trance; and Cobie Milson talks about the chakra’s.

Plus our usual columns, event listings, photo galleries and more. All beautifully illustrated for your mystical enjoyment...
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Edition 25 - PDF

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