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Edition 23 - PDF

The beautiful cover artwork that welcomes you to edition 23 is by Russian photographer Kareva Margarita.

Inside this edition we explore ways to naturally improve and take care of your health. Mabh Savage looks at the mystical folklore around The Jackdaw and Steve Andrews talks about the edible plants of the nightshade family. We take a look at Lunaesque’s ‘Wheel of the Year’ photo series and Lynn Gosney unravels the significance of the shamanic rites of passage.

Shelley Sishton talks about the inspiration behind her new book ‘Bringing Nature’s Wisdom Alive’ and we share news of a variety of soon to be released books and CDs including Matthew Callow’s ‘Neon Moon’. There is a photographic feature of this year’s Faerie Festival in Sussex which is being praised by visitors as being the biggest and best yet. We catch up with several of the stage acts which performed at the event and they share their thoughts about their latest projects. Also inside you can find information about how you can win ten new books by Moon Books Publishing.

Plus our regular news column, event listings, The ABC of Goddesses, The Crafters’ Corner, photography, art and much more. All beautifully illustrated and lovingly created for your mystical enjoyment!
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Edition 23 - PDF

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