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Edition 21 - PDF

Inside this latest edition, which has been lovingly created for your enjoyment, we take a peek at the faerie-tale photography by Kareva Margarita Photographer, whose work also appears on the front cover; We travel down to Cornwall to continue our UK’s Magical Locations column where we look at the history of St. Michaels Mount, did you know it was once surrounded by trees and woodland?!

We welcome our new columnist Sheena Cundy who in each edition will share witchy folklore, charms and spells. There is a music feature with a variety of bands who performed at Faerie Festival and Annwyn Avalon Obermeyer continues her ‘ABC of Goddesses’ column. Ali English from Eldrum Herbs talks about the healing properties of herbs associated with the moon and Lucy Cavendish talks about our furry friends and Magical Familiars.


Folklore is high on the agenda in this edition with articles on British Shamanism, the history of the Green Man and Merlin. Rachel Patterson talks about her journey in the wild, Mickie Mueller unravels the mysteries of Mirror Magick and Clare Metcalf speaks about Animal Communication. Our featured artists include The Official Josephine Wall and Tomasz Alen Kopera as well as beautiful photography by Brooke Shaden Photography, Tommy Corey & Mark Barnard.


Plus news, reviews, artwork, event listings and more!

Edition 21 - PDF

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