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Issue 20


Inside the pages of issue 20 we have several photography features with artists from around the world. All of the contributors have created some very captivating pieces and each piece tells a story.

Our 2016 Faerie Festival (which celebrates the 10th anniversary of Magical Festivals!) is set to headline The Roving Crows and in this issue we present and exclusive interview with the band themselves! We have two articles from Moon Books’ writers Sheena Cundy and Lucya Starza who write about Magick and the earth’s energies. Laura Perry talks about the Minoan civilisation which features some ancient pieces of artwork and Tylluan Penry talks about The Winter Goddesses.

Australian authoress Lucy Cavendish talks about the wild green earth and in our Magical Locations column we take a glimpse at some mystical Welsh countryside. Linzi Martin unravels some handy hints for creating a happier home and Chris Alexander introduces the practise of ‘Askfirmations’ - the art of positive mantras. As we move towards the warmer months Ali English talks about herbs of the sun and Vivienne Moss uncovers the mysteries of the many faces of Hekate. Plus news, art features, event listings and more. All beautifully illustrated in this new larger format - enjoy!